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3D projects

the Asylum:

A tour in an abandoned asylum full of secrets and mysteries. 


A Luxo lamp going through an obstacle course.

Zombie killer truck:

Truck with weapons and protection to encounter a zombie apocalypse.



Pre-Downloaded character animated in a low poly environment. The character went through a series of unfortunate events.


A man went into an abandoned place to fight two monsters. He will encounter a huge opponent who but as always, he will end it up finding the way to win.

NOTE: Characters where previously downloaded

Story board

Endless Cycle:

- This was the graduation project in which I worked. Along with some other students, we created this animation called Endless Cycle.


On this occasion, I was part of the research and development. We were the ones in charge of making the project possible. We learned how to do the 360 renders, found a way to mix 2D and 3D and helped the rest of the room to fulfill the different obstacles that we found during the production time.


I was also in charge of scene 3, the one where the main character, Alex, is going downhill on her bike. (min 01:26 to 01:35).


Also, I was the leader of the rigging process and I rigged most of the characters using a plugin from After Effects named DUIK. I added a video showing how it works and a character example.


Finally, I worked on the animation process. I helped by correcting timing, poses and other problems.


Resume of what I did:


  • The leader of the scene #3 

  • 360 and 2D mixing process investigation

  • Modeling and texturing (Maya 2018)

  • Rigging most part of the characters (90%) with DUIK (After Effects plugin)

  • Animation / animation corrections

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